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Hello Fans of the Universe,

we are Crax and Lo-Renz, two DJs from Hannover in Germany and huge fans of Depeche Mode.
On our Depeche Party website you will find information about our DJ activities, upcoming parties (Termine & Infos), Setlists from past parties, the livebands that we had during our parties and pictures (Fotos) of previous parties.
We organise Depeche Mode and Electro-Pop parties in Hannover and sometimes we make Aftershowparties
Sometimes we are also DJ-ing outside Hannover.
In the past we are DJing Live in the (Web-) Radio but now, we just stream 24/7 laut.fm/electropop

In case that you would like to come to one of our parties or you would like to book us as for DJ-ing, feel free to contact us here.

Some translation assistance for the contact form: Ihr Name (Pflichtfeld) = Your name (required), Ihre Email-Adresse (Pflichtfeld) = Your e-mail address (required), Betreff (subject), Ihre Nachricht (your message), fill in 2 missing lowercase letters at the Quiz field .

See you
Crax & Lo-Renz

By the way: In the past the band Depeche Mode haven’t joined our party, but we hope that you will join us soon!


Some stories from DJ Lo-Renz written June 2017 for the official Website www.DepecheMode.com

Hello World
I am enjoying the music of Depeche Mode since 1982, in the age of 14 years. Depeche Mode influenced my life: Hairstyle, color of clothes, friends, taste of my music and what I am doing beside my daily job: Being a DJ, which gives me every month the opportunity to share my passion to Depeche Mode with other people. Spreading my happiness about the music, forwarding authentic the positive energy and make people happy because they can dance to Depeche Mode Music during my Depeche-Party. With so much love from Hannover/ Germany, Lo-Renz.

Dancing like Dave contest!
In 1991 I organized a huge Depeche-Party in Dortmund, Germany and it was more than a party with more than 3.000 people from all over Germany!
With my lovely sister and my former girl-friend I had a brain storming about the program for this event and we asked our self: Will people come on stage and try to dance like Dave Gahan? Yes! More than 20 guys took part at the „Dave dancing contest“. The audience screamed like mad and finally decided by applause about the winner.
Click the video to get a glimpse of the first Dave dancing contest ever!

Tickets please!
On the 13th October 2016 at 10 am the ticket sale for the Depeche Mode „Global Spirit“ tour started – a time when most of us are on work. So many of of my friends had not the chance to purchase front of stage tickets and asked me for help. They know, that I am Depeche Mode expert, who always helps out! I managed to buy 52 front of stage (golden circle) tickets for the two concerts in Hannover/ Germany, so they don’t need to buy them from the overpriced ticket dealers. I also had the time, during the day, to buy the tickets – while other people are at work.

…try walking in my shoes in Berlin or New York!
Depeche Mode visited West-Berlin in the 80ies many times, e.g. for recording of the „Some great reward“ album. They produced several videos here, made photo shootings and performed on TV. In 1987 I visited many places they had been to: The „Hansa Studios“, the „Depeche Mode street“ (Koethenerstr.) and places you can see in the „Everything counts“ video like „the hand“. Another important „DM city“ is New York, where I went to the Corona Park where DM had a photo shooting for „Sounds of the universe” album.

Happy Birthday DJ Lo-Renz
At midnight, during our monthly Depeche Mode Party, i had birthday – that happend in 2011. Short before midnight a friend tol me: Lo-Renz we need you at the door. My DJ Partner Crax (also responsible for our design) continued. I came back to the DJ-desk and i found huge birthday cake (size of 54 CDs) „Let’s have a black ceLObration….tonught“ a massive surprise. I shared it with many friends and visitors of the event.