Festival Setlisten DJ Lo-Renz

24. September 2022 Etropolis Festival Oberhausen Turbinenhalle
Aftershowparty DJ Lo-Renz Setliste
——- 1 Uhr bis 2 Uhr
Vnv nation: Electronaut
Rotersand ft. marc jackson: The truth is fanatic
Solitary experiments: Pale candle light
Diary of dreams: The plague
Xpq21: White an alive
Chrom: My world
Frozen plasma: Tanz die revolution
Spock: Never trust a klingon
Orange Sector / Psyche: Touch
Combichrist: Electrohead
Apoptygma berzerk: Starsign
Covenant: Dead stars
——- 3 Uhr bis 4 Uhr
Assemblage 23 Bavery
Project Pitchfork: Timekiller (Videoversion)
Klinik: Moving hands
Spetsnaz: Apathy
Nitzer Ebb: Let yout body learn
Ascii disco: Strassen
Aesthetic perfection: Lax (Mr Kitty Remix)
Diorama: Ignite
Gesaffelstein: Pursuit
Royksoap: What else is there
Q Lazarus: Goodbye horses
Zweite jugend: Hoch die tassen
Wolfsheim: The sparrows and the nightingales
Depeche Mode: Enjoy the silence (Hands and feets)

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24. Juli 2022 Köln – Tanzbrunnen „Amphi Festival“ 22:22 – 0:15 zusammen mit DJ Jeanny
Setliste Amphi Festival Set 24.Juli 2022 DJ Lo-Renz (für SubKultur Hannover)
TR/ST: Bulbform
Placebo: Try better next time
Actors: Love u more
Ash code: Dry your eyes
Crystle castle ft Robert Smith: I am not in love
[DJ Jeanny (Amphi-Festival)]
VNV Nation: Control
Icon of coil: Dead enough for life
Combichrist: All pain is gone
Faderhead: All black everything
[DJ Jeanny (Amphi-Festival)]
Linea Aspera: Synapse
Aesthetic perfection ft. Isaac Howlet: Save myself
Zweite Jugend: Hoch die tassen
Frozen Plasma: Murderous trap
[DJ Jeanny (Amphi-Festival)]
Traitrs: Thin flesh
Boy harsher: Pain
[DJ Jeanny (Amphi-Festival)]
Royksopp ft Robyn: Monument
Zugabe: Nine inch Nails: Closer

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