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eLectrO Pop Party (DJ Lo-Renz) Update Mai 2022
Festival Setlisten (DJ Lo-Renz) Update September 2022
Depeche Mode eLectrO Pop Party (Crax + Lo-Renz bzw Lo-renz) Update 2020
Stream Setlisten (DJ Lo-Renz) Update 2021 Dezember

Cets Hannover MusikZentrum 2011 (Crax + Lo-Renz)
Depeche Mode Pop and Wave Fete (Crax + Lo-Renz bzw Lo-Renz)
Depeche Mode 100% Parties (Crax + Lo-Renz bzw Lo-Renz)
And One Aftershowparty 2012 Hannover Lux (DJ-Lorenz)
Osnabrück 2012 (Crax + Lo-Renz)
Diverse (Crax + Lo-Renz bzw Lo-Renz)

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Crax & Lo-Renz legten Live im Radio auf : Setlisten: Die lange Electro-Pop Nacht
DJ Lo-Renz moderierte Live die Sendung „eLectrO-Pop“ auf Radio Leinehertz 106.5 Hannover. Die eLectrO-Pop Songs der 36 Sendungen und langen Nächste die Live gesendet wurden. (Lo-Renz bzw Crax & Lo-Renz)
Die Playlisten der 36 Radiosendungen mit Auszügen aus der Moderation zum nachlesen (DJ Lo-Renz)

Weitere Setlisten von DJ Lo-Renz  WGT Leipzig

H-MusikZentrum bis 2019!

Setlisten Hannover Can’t enjoy the silence

Setliste 23.Januar 2011 Hannover – MusikZentrum Can’t enjoy the silence Vol 19
ca 60% Depeche Mode

DM : blasphemous rumours
DM : halo
and one – so klingt liebe
covenant – leiermann
vnv nation – the farthest star
apop non stop violence
DM : get the balance right
DM : shake the disease
DM : world in my eyes
DM : lie to me
DM : it’s no good
DM : sea of sin
hurts – wonderfull life (sw)
wolfsheim – ones in a lifetime
cure – friday i’am in love
crystal castles feat. robert smith – not in love
DM : fragile tension
DM : never let me down
DM : route 66
DM : a question of time
DM : suffer well
DM : dangerous
china crisis – whishfull thinking
omd – enola gay
aha – take on me
peter schilling – major tom (english)
DM : just can’t get enough
DM : nodisco
DM : i sometimes wish i was dead
DM : but not tonight
DM : nothing
DM : sacred
and one – zerstörer (sw)
nitzer ebb – fun to be had (bw)
covenant – lightbringer (sw)
colony 5 – black
DM : master and servant
DM : pleasure little treasure
DM : john the revelator (instrumental)
Dave Gahan : dirty sticky floors
Martin Gore : compulsion
DM : fools
DM : policy of truth (live)
erasure – sometimes
dead or alive – your spin me round (sw)
a flock of seagult – i ran
mesh – crash (marshaux remix)
DM : martyr
DM : in sympathy
DM : the landscape is changing
DM : old you so
DM : new dress
vnv nation – testament (sw)
apoptygma berzerk – eclipse (sw)
namnambulu – memories
assemblage 23 – document
DM : Enjoy the silence (hands and feet)
DM : everything counts
DM : strangelove
DM : the things you said
DM : stripped
DM : walking in my shoes
editors – papilon (sw)
placebo – slave to the wage (bw)
and one – sexdrive (sw)
combichrist – get your body beat (bw)
DM : boys say go
DM : photgraphic
DM : the meaning of love
DM : its called a heart
DM : something to do
DM : rush
camouflage – the great commandment
lavantgarde – take me s.i.m
killer – mrs brightside (sw)
i am x – spit it out (sw)
DM : leave in silence
DM : i feel loved
DM : personal jesus
DM : behind the wheel
DM : suffer well
DM : Lilian
Nitzer ebb – getting closer (bw)
Covenant – dead stars live (sw)
frozen plasma – irony (sw)
elegant machinery – save me (sw)
DM : precious
DM : wrong
DM : a pain that i used to
DM : enjoy the silence

(sw) Der Song wurde gewuenscht
(bw) Band wurde gewuenscht

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Setliste 30.April 2010 Hannover – MusikZentrum Can’t enjoy the silence Vol 17
ca 60% Depeche Mode

DM : Enjoy the silence live
DM : lie to me
DM : shake the disease
DM : behind the wheel
DM : oh well
DM : wrong
Cure: the walk (bw)
Ultraxov: reap the wild wind (bw)
Pet shop boys: go west
Yazoo: goodbye 70ies
DM : world in my eyes
DM : nothing 101
DM : suffer well
DM : stories of old
DM : ice machine
DM : fools
Unheilig: auf zum mond (bw)
Wolfsheim: closer still (bw)
Lavantgarde: live your life
Elegant Machinery: shattered grounds (bw)
DM : its no good
DM : i feel loved
DM : happiest girl
DM : people are people
DM : here is the house
DM : fragile tension
Colony 5: welcome to my world

Frozen plasma: irony (sw)
Kraftwerk: computerwelt
DM : peace live
DM : but not tonight
DM : sea of sin
DM : strangelove 101
DM : martyr
DM : dream on
Killers: mr brightside (bw)
Editors: papillon (bw)
Goldfrapp: rocket
Hot chip: ready for the floor
DM : route 66
DM : a pain that
DM : never let me down
DM : dangerous
DM : lillian
Dave Gahan : dirty sticky floor
Camouflage: i cant feel you
Mesh: how long
Bruderschaft: forever Colony5 remix
Front 242: headhunter 2000 apop mix (bw)
DM : boys say go 82
DM : the meaning of love 82
DM : photographic 2010
DM : told you so 84
DM : secret garden 82
Martin Gore: compulsion
Cure: charlotte sometimes (bw)
Kirlian kamera: k-pax (bw)
Smith: panic (bw)
Sisters: first and last an always (bw)
DM : personal jesus
DM : a question of time 101
DM : rush
DM : john the revelator
DM : in sympathy
DM : walking in my shoes live
DM : i sometimes wish
Ultravox: the voice (bw)
And one: bodycompany (bw)
Nitzer ebb: shame (bw)
Krupps: machinery of joy (sw)
DM : master and servant
DM : pleasure little treasure
DM : get the balance right
DM : precious
DM : perfect
DM : reload
DM : stripped 101
Apoptygma Berzerk: non stop violence (bw)
Covenant: go film (bw)
Spetsnaz: faustpakt (bw)
Orange sector: here we are (bw)
DM :enjoy the silence (shinoda)

bw= Bandwunsch
sw= Songwunsch

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